AAP Primadomus is a rescue centre for exotic animals. The animals they shelter always come from situations of abuse, such as: illegal possession, trafficking of species or the entertainment industry. That is why the visits are made in small groups and by appointment to minimize the stress on the animals.

Primadomus provides them with a suitable environment for their recovery and companions of the same species to start a new life with them. In addition, they work to find a permanent home where they can spend the rest of their days.


The center will be open for visits on September 3, but reservations can already be made through the form on its website (https://es.aap.eu/visita/visita-aap-primadomus/).

Solidarity contribution of the entrance fee: 6 euros adults. 3 euros children (between 6 and 12 years old). 6 euros for teenagers (between 13 and 17 years old).

The days of general visits by appointment are Sundays, in two morning shifts (specified on their website).

Maximum groups of 20 people. There are no school visits.

You can see the latest update on their website or social networks: https://es.aap.eu/noticias/reabrimos-visitas-aap-primadomus/