Inaugurated in 1924, the Plaza was designed by architect Julio Carrilero. It is a stone and exposed brick building, in neo-Mudejar style. A style that was especially associated with constructions of a festive and leisure nature such as theatres, smoking lounges, casinos, train stations, or, as in this case, a bullring.

In our square great figures came to bullfight and, on September 7, 1959, it was visited by the Nobel Prize for Literature, Ernest Hemingway. The debts of the owners and security problems forced them to stop holding bullfights. In 2010, the Plaza was converted into a multifunctional building, destined to host different types of events, such as concerts, sporting events, galas … Thanks to its spectacular vault, it is the largest indoor enclosure in the province.


Avenida Constitución, 145.
Telephone: 96 580 11 50



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