In politics, the figure of Don Joaquín María López stands out, a lawyer, who became President of the Government twice in 1843, as well as Minister of the Interior, Minister of Justice and Senator.


In the military aspect, we have to mention the figure of Captain Ángel Hernández Menor, who was proclaimed a hero in the War of Morocco at the beginning of the last century.

In terms of archaeology and research, the figure of José María Soler is undoubtedly the most important. He rewrote local history and carried out an extensive study of the local sites near our town, his discovery of the Treasure of Villena, being worthy of note.

In music, with key figures such as Ambrosio Cotes, a famous composer of the late XVI century and in particular, Ruperto Chapí, an important composer of operas and zarzuelas and founder of the Society of Spanish Authors in 1893.



In literature, with prominent figures in the Middle Ages, such as Juan Manuel, Prince and Duke of Villena, a local figure of Castilian prose from the XIV century, author of the book “Libro de la Caza”, the “Libro de los Estados”, or “El Conde Lucanor”. Another is Enrique de Villena, who wrote in Spanish and Catalan on complex issues, such as alchemy, medicine, theology or astronomy. Without forgetting the incomparable Isabel de Villena, writer of the Valencian Golden Age, considered the first author with a well-known name in Valencian literature and author of Vita Christi.

In sculpture, with Antonio Navarro Santafé, artist and author of numerous works, such as the “Oso y el Madroño”, featured in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.