Cabezo Redondo was a Bronze Age settlement about 3500 years ago. Its good location, next to the now-disappeared Lagoon of Villena, facilitated very favourable conditions for the obtaining of water, salt, pastures, fishing and hunting.

In addition, it was located at a strategic crossroads suitable for commercial exchanges and control of the territory. The excavations carried out make it one of the most important sites in the Valencian Community, because this shows the first signs of a preconceived urban planning ever found in the Peninsula. The town is arranged around blocks of houses plastered with gypsum, decorated floors, ovens and attached benches, and it is believed that it had between 500 and 750 inhabitants. People of a high social class lived there, rich enough to own treasures and jewels such as the Small Treasure of Cabezo Redondo and very possibly the spectacular Treasure of Villena, one of the most important prehistoric treasures of Europe, both of which are in the Municipal Archaeological Museum José María Soler.




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