In the bottom part of the Atalaya Castle in Villena, one of the old cave houses from the historic centre had been recuperated by the components of the Association Tuareg, to convert it in to the first cave house that people can visit, decorated with Arabic articles.

Was really usual in Villena during the XIX and XX centuries, the construccion of cave houses in the top part of the historic centre. These were constructed by modest people, mixing the houses with the rock of “La Sierra de la Villa” excavating the calcareous rock to form the different rooms of the houses.


Address: Plaza de Santa Bárbara.


More info and reserves: tourist info Castillo de villena 965803893
José Marco – 606 390 153


– 20 persons: only visit 2.5/ per person Visit with tea and dates 4€ per person
– More than 20 person: only visit 2€ per person visit with tea and dates 3.5€ per person
– With a Arabic dancer   50€