At the foot of the Atalaya´s Castle the “Cueva de los Pacheco” is located, a unique and charming place. It is an old cave-house recently restored by its owner. For hundreds of years, since the 15th century, the caves were excavated in the vicinity of the Islamic fortress of Villena.

The caves have had different uses, such as warehouses, animal homes and also dwellings, the Pacheco´s being a prime example of this last use.

At the moment they can be visited in all of its splendor, taking part in the guided tours that are organized or in the different cultural events that are held for example concerts, exhibitions, wine tasting, etc. They can also be rented for special events.


Address: Calle Libertad.


More info: Tourist Info Castillo de Villena 965 80 38 93
Bookings: Dolo – 628 622 012

Price: 2€