Cycling is the ideal option to get into nature alone or as a family. In addition, pedalling at our own pace we can discover mountains and agricultural landscapes. Furthermore, Villena offers a suitable climate for practicing this sport that is becoming more and more popular. There are several routes among which the Vía Verde del Chicharra and the Travesía of the Sierra Salinas stand out.

Via Verde del Chicharra

The Vías Verdes (or Green Ways) are disused railway sections that have been conditioned for cyclists and walkers. They allow us to discover an archaeological heritage with abandoned train stations, aqueducts or spectacular bridges and a constantly changing landscape.

In Villena we have the Vía Verde del Chicharra, which starts at the Sanctuary of Las Virtudes and ends at Biar, although from there you can continue to Alcoy.

The name “Chicharra” refers to the noise of the locomotive, which resembled the sound of cicadas. It was part of the old route that covered two different railways connected to each other: the one that ran through Villena-Alcoy-Yecla and the Alcoy-Gandia line. Both joined up in Muro del Comtat.


Departure: Sanctuary of Las Virtudes (Villena)
Arrival: Biar (Alicante)
Distance: 15 km
Difficulty: Medium


On MTB / Road Bike

Departure: Villena
Arrival: Villena (circular crossing)
Cumulative difference in elevation: 621 m
Distance: 109 km
Stages: 2 days


Cycle touring to the Sierra de Salinas

This itinerary includes the towns of Villena, Yecla, Pinoso and Salinas. It is a circular route, ideal for carrying out as a family activity since there is hardly any traffic, difficulty or unevenness.

The landscape of the Sierra de Salinas offers a unique wealth of natural beauty, as it is surrounded by vineyards and the Salinas Lagoon. The valley is right in the centre, formerly the settlement of an ancient agricultural colony. Undoubtedly, it looks like a green island in the middle of the wide corridors of Alicante, and so its lush vegetation surprises the visitor.