In 2017 and 2018, the Villena Modernista Route is carried out, a novel guided tour of a heritage hitherto unknown and little known in our city that holds enormous value.
“Villena is no longer Villena, which is a small Madrid, with its Plaza de los Toros and the Chapí Theater”
At the end of the 19th century, the new railway lines together with the phylloxera plague in France made the Villena wine industry grow, and with the creation of the first factories, our city was configured as the urban nucleus highlighted with its theater under construction, cafes with shows, casino and shops.
This progress gave rise to the entrance of new artistic styles linked to the flourishing bourgeoisie such as the casticism or modernism. The latter presents its own characteristics in the Vinalopó valley, which derive from its frontier character, and from the different ways of understanding this new architecture.

The Villena Modernista guided tour will take us into the Villena of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, its history, personalities and most outstanding buildings such as the headquarters of the Comparsa de Labradores, the Rocher House or the Selva Palace, headquarters of the Central Board of Fiestas.




Starting point: Ayuntamiento de Villena.

Starting: 2 hour.

Price: 4€ per person.

Information and bookings: Tourist Info Castle of Villena – 965 80 38 93 o