Opened in the year 1924 the square was designed by the architect Julio Carrilero. It’s a rock and see brick, in neo mudejar style. Style that is associated to construction with party meaning and free time like theatres, smoking halls and trains stations or like, in our case, bullfight square.

In our bullfight square fight big figures and even the 7 of September of 1959 receive the visit of the nobel prize for literature Ernest Hemingway. The owners doubts and the security problems oblige to end with the fights. In 2010 the square was transform into a multifunctional building destinated to have different tipes of events like concerts, sportive spectacles… thank to its spectacular vault, it’s a covert place with the biggest capacity of the region.


The visitants have to reserve: 966150236 – 965803893 o



Guided tours are held for individual audiences and groups one Sunday a month.

Tickets: 2€ (1€ with discount).

Bronze Age bonus: € 3 (includes entrance to the Archaeological Museum and Cabezo Redondo).