Declared a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest.

It is the most participatory Moors and Christians Festival that exists with more than 12,000 people taking part. Every year in Villena, fourteen troupes, seven Moors and another seven Christians go on parade, and for five days our streets are filled with a lively explosion of music and colour.

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The origin of this festival dates to the late fifteenth century, when la Virgen de las Virtudes was proclaimed the patron of Villena and saviour of the plague. Her image was placed in the shrine built 7 kilometres away from the town. The townspeople vowed go twice a year, once in March and again in September to pay homage to the Virgin. Nowadays, the image of the patron is brought to the town at the end of August to preside over the celebrations held in her honour.

In the Villena festivals, the spectacular parades stand out, such as the Entrada (the entrance parade) and the Cabalgata (the night parade) where all the participants revel in the rhythm of the music composed specially for the parades. Without forgetting the Ambassadors and the Guerrillas, that are represented with the magnificent backdrop of the Atalaya Castle; and more solemn and emotional acts such as the Procession or the Offering, and the spectacular flag parades before the patron.