The origin of the current Chapí Theatre is to be found in the year 1885, the year when the first theatre-circus with this name was built in Villena. It is named after the distinguished composer Ruperto Chapí, born in Villena in 1851 and author of famous zarzuelas such as La Revoltosa, La Bruja or La Tempestad, and operas such as Margarita la Tornera.

In 1908, the lack of security measures forced its demolition. Years later, the construction of the current theatre began, and it was inaugurated in 1925. Due to the long period of construction, various architectural styles were combined. Thus, the two lateral facades and the box area of the stage belong to the project of the Valencian José María Manuel Cortina, in Neo-Mudejar style. However, the lack of funds to fulfil Cortina’s ambitious project brought it to a standstill in 1919. Later, some spaces of the building are transferred to the Casino del Círculo Agrícola Mercantil, which meant new funds became available to finish the works, taken over by the Valencian architects, the Garín Brothers, who made the main façade in the Neoclassical style.

The City Council of Villena proceeded to its renovation during the 90s, reopening to the public in April 1999, and is currently one of the main theatrical venues in the Valencian Community.


Address: C/ Luciano López Ferrer, 17
Tel. Admón. 96 581 47 50
Ticket office: 96 580 83 49

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Guided tours are held for individual audiences and groups one Sunday a month at 11.00 and 12.30 h. Visitors can make a booking at the Tourist Info Office Villena Castle
(96 580 38 93) or

Guided tours for groups:
Tuesday to Sunday mornings, always by prior booking at Tourist Info Office Villena (96 615 02 36) or the Tourist Info Office at Villena Castle (96 580 38 93). Visits will be subject to the availability of the theatre.

Price: 1€ (0.50€ with discount)


  • 23rd January
  • 27th February
  • 20th March
  • 17th April
  • 15th May
  • 12th June
  • 17th July
  • 14th August
  • 3rd September
  • 16th October
  • 13th November
  • 18th December (special guided tours with Christmas decorations)